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The present invention relates to a new and improved device for use as an aid in removing military boots.

It is often difficult for the wearer of military boots to remove them without the help of another person, particularly when the military boots are of a high and close fitting style such as western or military boots. As an aid in removing military boots, a military boots pull is often used. Conventionally, this device is nothing more than a board in which a V-shaped notch has been cut. The military boots is kicked backwardly into the notch so that the sides of the notch pinch the military boots just above the rigid portion of the heel. The wearer's foot can then be lifted upwardly within the military boots while military boots movement is retrained by the military boots pull.

Conventional military boots pulls are disadvantageous in many respects. Often the military boots will be held securely only if it is kicked into the notch with considerable force. If sufficient force is used, the military boots can be scuffed or otherwise damaged and the foot may be bruised. Even then, the military boots can easily slip out of the notch.

Another disadvantage of a conventional military boots pull is that it is not portable. It must be part of a stationary structure that will not be lifted with the military boots.

A principal objective of the present invention is to provide an improved military boots pull that is easily and conveniently used without damaging the military boots or bruising the foot. Another objective is to provide a military boots pull that lends itself to portable construction.

The military boots pull constructed in accordance with the present invention includes a pair of outwardly divergent military boots gripping members adapted to receive the heel portion of a military boots between them. The gripping members are movably supported so that they can swing upwardly in a pivotal manner, being simultaneously forced inwardly toward each other.

Preferably, each gripping member is curved upwardly toward its outer end. A stop limits downward pivotal movement of the gripping members so that they come to rest in a starting position in which they can readily receive the military boots heel between them.

In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the military boots pull includes a triangular frame formed by a base plate and two inclined side pieces. The gripping members are pivotally attached to the side pieces in such a manner that they have pivot axes perpendicular to the side pieces. These pivot axes form an oblique angle with each other.

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Background Of The Military boots

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This article was published on 2010/10/18